Ximending boutique hotel

If go Ximending, then lived in Ximending boutique hotel, this is my friend gave me to say. Because of the need to work, I get Ximending go, but at night there is no rush to come back, so I think you must stay one night in Ximending up. Then a friend said, let me live in Ximending boutique hotel, I heard good Ximending boutique hotel environment, low price, suitable for those of us working-class people to live, I want friends that are also quite justified, nor lived before me the hotel, this time on the experience, I did not expect to live in this hotel is very comfortable, warm and homey to me, for me it is still relatively unfamiliar Ximending, and those staff gave me say that I have a place to go from here how far back can I say how to taxi, I am very satisfied.