Ximending boutique hotel

Yesterday I went to the Ximending boutique hotel to find my friend, he is not to go to work long time in Ximending Boutique Hotel, because I just have something urgent to find him, so on the way to my wife in Ximending boutique hotel to eat a meal, waiting for my friend to work out to do a thing, the two of us eat, wife on the side feeling Ximending boutique hotel food delicious, because of the recent cold weather, so we’ll have a little Hot pot, eat the body is very warm, usually at home when I also often give wife do Hot pot to eat, but the wife said that there is no Ximending Boutique Hotel Hot pot delicious, so when my friends work out, I will tell him that it is can I apply for a membership card to their hotel, a friend said that there is no problem, he this time after you give me for.